Company Overview

AgriGenome Labs is the leading genomics service provider in India offering high-quality genome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis for the research and breeding community of the country. AgriGenome’s services cover non-human organisms including plants, animals, fungi, bacteria and viruses. The in-house genome sequencing group has expertise in genome assembly and annotation. AgriGenome's R&D activities focus on crop improvement through TILLING and CRISPR-Cas9 based genome editing. Furthermore, AgriGenome Labs has completed genomes of several Indian spices, medicinal plants and livestock - some under its own R&D program and the rest in collaboration with other groups.

Management Team


Sam Santhosh


Mr. Sam Santhosh is an entrepreneur, with over 28 years experience in the software industry.


Dr.Vijay Reddy Ph.D

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Vijay Reddy holds a Doctorate Degree in Rice Functional Genomics from University of Hyderabad.


Dr. George Thomas Ph.D

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. George Thomas (GT) holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore...


Kartik Kumaramangalam

Papillon Capital

Kartik has worked with multiple high tech start-ups in his career as an investor and early stage co-founder including Webex (acquired by Cisco) where he was an early founding employee.

Mahesh Pratapneni

Emerge Ventures

Mahesh Pratapneni specializes in incubating product companies in the education, healthcare, and data/analytics sectors. He is focused on helping launch, re-engineer and support small and mid-sized technology driven businesses.

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